Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Name Of The Game Is I Like It Like That!

Alright, so I was tagged by someone how has unlimited power over me...she introduced me to Gabilliam, and in exchange, she now has my soul, so I shall do it...even though it is A. EXTREMELY difficult for me... B. NOT something I would normally do on a blog that my mother has the link to, and C. I usually don't do something just because I'm asked...ok, that's not true, my friends have weird power over me, anyways.
The Rules Of The Game:
(1) List 10 celebrities you would have sex with. (2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (10 - 1, 1 is the hottest.) (3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you. (4) Supply photos for said people. (5) Tag five people! (6) Because this is my blog, I'm going in to more detail, because otherwise I would get bored.

Number 10: Lou Taylor Pucci - Actor
What got me hooked on Lou...let's see, I'm pretty sure that it was Thumbsucker, I guess I just have a thing for weird looking guys, because I saw that movie and I knew IMMEDIATELY that I thought he was attractive...I also really like his eyes, they have a lot of white in them, which is cool! Other things that I LOVE him in: Empire Falls, Fifty Pills, Personal Velocity, The Chumscrubber, Southland Tales, and as St. Jimmy in the Green Day video, Jesus of Suburbia.
INTERESTING FACT ABOUT LOU TAYLOR PUCCI THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: The first time that he EVER got on a plane was when he flew to LA for his Thumbsucker audition.

Number 9: Gabe Saporta - Singer/Bassist for Cobra Starship (old band: Midtown.)
((yes, i know that the photo is not the most flattering, but it's my favorite of him, it really is!) I was turned on to Gabe Saporta by a friend of mine who decided that it would be fun to take over my life by sending me the music video for Bring It! (Snakes on a Plane)...*cough* samefriendwhotagged metodothisinthefirstplace *coughcoughcough* ANYWAYS, I liked the video, thought Gabe was hot, shipping him INTENSELY with William Beckett, and that was pretty much the end of that! Oh yeah...and I like his music, it kind of rocks! Oh, and he SUPPORTS Slash Fanfiction...he even said that it was hot, so yeah...BONUS POINTS!
RANDOM FACT ABOUT GABE SAPORTA THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He believes that he was bitten by an Alien Cobra who taught him how to dance...hence the band name Cobra Starship.

Number 8: William Beckett - Singer for The Academy Is...
My story for how I got hooked on William Beckett is pretty much EXACTLY the same as it is for Gabe this part won't be very interesting, though I will add a few things. After the Snakes on a Plane Video, I started watching TAITV (the miniTV show that The Academy Is...has) and it is HILARIOUS and GENIUS! While I would rather Beckett and Saporta be together, I wouldn't kick either of them out of bed...I mean come on, would you?! His band, The Academy Is...while having the worst name is history, is actually really fucking good...I kid you now, so if you haven't already, LISTEN to them!
RANDOM FACT ABOUT WILLIAM BECKETT THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He gets very upset when his clothing shrinks in the wash...especially striped sweaters.

Number 7: William "Wilmo" Moseley - Actor
William Moseley caught my attention in the trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe...naturally, he managed to keep my attention for both the movie and the next one! The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I somehow fell for his AMAZING good idea how...though I can say that his ACCENT did not hurt him at all, nor those photos of him with no shirt on, ANYWAYS...that's not the point of this blog post...oh wait...yes it is. Other things that I have seen him in besides Narnia: NOTHING! because lets be honest, while he is attractive, his acting talent is...not all the way there...or really too much of the way there at all; unless he was supposed to be lusting after Caspian the whole time, then he hit the nail on the head.
RANDOM FACT ABOUT WILLIAM MOSELEY THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He WOULD kiss another guy in a movie for no extra pay as long as it was part of the plot - GO WILLIAM!

Number 6: John Robinson - Actor
John Robinson first caught my eye in The Lords Of Dogtown (he played Stacy may not recognize him without the ridiculously long hair.) He was cute, ripped, he could skate, act, and he and I were born in the same city, so BONUS points to him...and on that note, he actually managed to get me to see Transformers, which I not only had no interest in, but ended up HATING, because he was in it for all of...two seconds? Maybe three? anyways...Other things that I loved him in: ELEPHANT! That is one of the best movies EVER...also, I loved using his picture to represent Gavin Sway, one of my original characters in Break Me.

Number 5: Michael Guy "Chizz" Chislett - Guitarist for The Academy Is...
I started to notice Chizz when again, the person who tagged me to this, sent me a picture of him because we were writing a joint story and he was a character that I would need to know...I immediately fell in love with his sexiness, only later to find out, once I started watching TAITV that he is AUSTRALIAN and has an AUSTRALIAN accent! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Oh yeah...and he's a good guitarist. He is mildly shippable with William Beckett, but since I like Beckett/Saporta best, they can have each other and I'll take Chizz, sound like a plan? Ok, good.
RANDOM FACT THAT ABOUT MICHAEL GUY "CHIZZ" CHISLETT THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He eats vegemite because he loves that stuff...oh, and he won't break my heart because he's from Australia!

Number 4: Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Actor
Ha...Joseph Gordon-Levitt first caught my eye when I was six and I saw him in Angels in the Outfield...this made him my first EVER crush, congratulations, JGL. Obviously, he has come a LONG way since he played Roger, and he has now grown up, grown into an INCREDIBLE actor, and grown at LEAST 10 times hotter! Other that I have LOVED him in: Brick, The Juror, Manic, The Lookout, 3rd Rock From the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mysterious Skin, Latter fuck it, just go to IMDb and look at his profile because he is AMAZING in everything that he has EVER been in! He also has been known to sing every now and then...BONUS POINTS FOR THAT! And he can handle well both comedy and drama...though I like him better dramatically to be honest. Oh, and we Jews have to stick together!
RANDOM FACT ABOUT JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: If he were king of the Germans, he would do his German dance every day! He also HATES gratuitous sex scenes in movies...

Number 3: Jack Lawless - Drummer for The Jonas Brothers
Jack Lawless, Law Man, Flawless Lawless, whatever you choose to call him, caught my eye in a picture of the Jonas Brother's band...and one look was all it took to send me to another galaxy! HE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD my opinion...oh, and come on...Jack Lawless...tell me that's not one of the hottest names EVER! I think it is...anyways...after a little digging around I learned that he was shy, barely talkative, and that he and Greg "Garbo" "Garblogsky" Garbowsky (Bassist for JB) share an apartment, lots of info on this guy! Only not. Anyways, in all honesty, I don't know much about him, but I stick with these lovely words of advice when I think about him: Save a Drum, Bang a Drummer.
RANDOM FACT ABOUT JACK LAWLESS THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: After being bullied into it by Nick Jonas and the entire audience, Jack Lawless once told a joke at a concert.

Number 2: John Patrick Amedori - Actor/Singer?
I first saw John Patrick Amedori in Little Athens, which actually sucked phenomenally, but he was HOT! So naturally, being the obsessive fangirl that I am, I did a little research, and found a little bit more of his stuff. After realizing that he really has yet to be in anything great, I lessened my obsession to be mainly based on his looks, though I do enjoy the one song that he has recorded, Love Song, it's pretty and indie and thus, I like it. Other things that I have seen him in: The Butterfly Effect, Stick It! and one episode of Numb3rs...though apparently he's on some TV show right now that I have managed to miss so far...I have also used his visage as an Original Character; Walker; in my story Paper or Plastic...and will be using him again I think, as Shutruk Ryan.
RANDOM FACT ABOUT JOHN PATRICK AMEDORI THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He was in a short film involving incest, aptly titled Incest...that I will probably never manage to locate, directed by Luke Eberl, who had a lovely supporting role in one of my favorite movies: A Painted House.

Number 1: Paul Franklin Dano - Actor/Guitarist/Singer
You may know him as Dwayne (the brother) in Little Miss Sunshine or the freaky childpriest in There Will Be Blood, but I first became obsessed with Paul Dano in 2002 when The Emperor's Club was released! He played the nerdy yet endearing, adorable, and, in my opinion SEXY, Martin Blythe. Since then I have seen...EVERYTHING that he has been in minus a movie that was never released and a few episodes of the Sopranos. I also AVIDLY ADORE and follow his indie soft rock band, Mook, because they rock. I think that he is SEXY as well as having a unique voice and a lovable personality in interviews...oh yeah, and Mook responds to myspace messages! COOL! Other things that I have loved him in: The Girl Next Door, The King, L.I.E, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Too Young To Be A Dad (ok, that movie sucked, but he was AWESOME in it!) know what, I'm not listing everything. Just go look him up! He really is talented...
RANDOM FACT ABOUT PAUL FRANKLIN DANO THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He was not slated to play the role that he had in There Will Be Blood, but because Daniel Day-Lewis was SO intimidating, the actor originally cast in the role dropped out. Daniel Day-Lewis told them to cast Paul Dano because they had worked together before, as rivals no less, in The Ballad of Jack and Rose, and he knew that Paul Dano could take the heat...and he did!

Alright! That's done, and I'm tagging...xxfamouslastwordsxx, Tim, Tree, Puck and Mama Dear Mama, yes mother, I'm tagging YOU!


xxfamouslastwordsxx said...

I hate you now, I hope you know that.

UGH! If I don't get started on this now, it will never be finished...
I bet this is going to be 10 times more difficult for me than it was for you...

CHIZZZ, I was actually not expecting him to be on this list...interesting. I'm definitely not surprised by Gabe and William though... :P Or Wilmo either...

Anonymous said...

mwahhaha, I so own your life!!! It's Em, btw, not some random stalker person. I feel powerful and it's going to my head. mwhahahaha.

Greenberry Rhythm said...

#8 and #9 Kill the rest, all the way.

But yeah, I just read your comment! And I just finished posting all of my JoBros stories onto Blogger, since I got freakin reported >.> It wasn't just you.

Angela S. said...

Bwahaha, I was this bored to read someone's blog is depressing about my social life (no offense, be happy I chose your blog :D)....

Haha, first off, I love the picture you put up of Gabe! Guy Ripley's True Things episode, hahahaha, the ending of that one was spectacular!

Secondly, I love how William and Gabe were right next to each other, and good job on becoming addicted :D Cobra = Snakes On A Plane for me too, and TAI = Slow Down and friends...

And LASTLY, MGC BEATS BOTH OF THEM! Haha, yeah, awkward, but Chiz deserves some love here... Given such a hard time on Guy Ripley (though I still love Ryland). And the Australian accent does add major bonus points (you should've put as a interesting fact that he isn't actually from Australia, he's from Austria! As stated by himself :])