Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Scottish

TYPE OF ENTRY: random talk about my day!

Alright, so my day was...interesting, at least in my opinion! Though I can see how in yours, it might not be!

You see, last night I didn't get a lot of sleep, due to the fanfiction muse bug biting me RIGHT before I was about to when I woke up this morning, I, and it pretty much carried over the whole day.

For those of you who don't know, I have to Scottish friends staying with me right now, both of which happen to be teenage boys...and having gone to an all girl's school, this is new for me, more boys the girls! OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT WERE WE GOING TO DO? The answer: go to the store, by capguns, and stage a lovely version of the shoot out from The Good, The Bad and The of the only movies that I had never seen. However, being a fan of capguns, I was on board! We found the final showdown music online, I was armed with a video camera, and the boys (we'll say J and T just to give them SOME kind of name) prepped themselves with capguns in the models of Colt 45s! Good fun!


Needless to say, filming their MANY takes at a good shootout was loads of fun...especially when we all started laughing because during a cap reload, my GIGANTIC cat decided to sit down RIGHT in the middle of what we were using for our set.

I know that this isn't all that interesting, but I'm new to this blogging thing, with any luck, I'll get better at it!


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So good......

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