Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Name Of The Game Is I Like It Like That!

Alright, so I was tagged by someone how has unlimited power over me...she introduced me to Gabilliam, and in exchange, she now has my soul, so I shall do it...even though it is A. EXTREMELY difficult for me... B. NOT something I would normally do on a blog that my mother has the link to, and C. I usually don't do something just because I'm asked...ok, that's not true, my friends have weird power over me, anyways.
The Rules Of The Game:
(1) List 10 celebrities you would have sex with. (2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (10 - 1, 1 is the hottest.) (3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you. (4) Supply photos for said people. (5) Tag five people! (6) Because this is my blog, I'm going in to more detail, because otherwise I would get bored.

Number 10: Lou Taylor Pucci - Actor
What got me hooked on Lou...let's see, I'm pretty sure that it was Thumbsucker, I guess I just have a thing for weird looking guys, because I saw that movie and I knew IMMEDIATELY that I thought he was attractive...I also really like his eyes, they have a lot of white in them, which is cool! Other things that I LOVE him in: Empire Falls, Fifty Pills, Personal Velocity, The Chumscrubber, Southland Tales, and as St. Jimmy in the Green Day video, Jesus of Suburbia.
INTERESTING FACT ABOUT LOU TAYLOR PUCCI THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: The first time that he EVER got on a plane was when he flew to LA for his Thumbsucker audition.

Number 9: Gabe Saporta - Singer/Bassist for Cobra Starship (old band: Midtown.)
((yes, i know that the photo is not the most flattering, but it's my favorite of him, it really is!) I was turned on to Gabe Saporta by a friend of mine who decided that it would be fun to take over my life by sending me the music video for Bring It! (Snakes on a Plane)...*cough* samefriendwhotagged metodothisinthefirstplace *coughcoughcough* ANYWAYS, I liked the video, thought Gabe was hot, shipping him INTENSELY with William Beckett, and that was pretty much the end of that! Oh yeah...and I like his music, it kind of rocks! Oh, and he SUPPORTS Slash Fanfiction...he even said that it was hot, so yeah...BONUS POINTS!
RANDOM FACT ABOUT GABE SAPORTA THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He believes that he was bitten by an Alien Cobra who taught him how to dance...hence the band name Cobra Starship.

Number 8: William Beckett - Singer for The Academy Is...
My story for how I got hooked on William Beckett is pretty much EXACTLY the same as it is for Gabe this part won't be very interesting, though I will add a few things. After the Snakes on a Plane Video, I started watching TAITV (the miniTV show that The Academy Is...has) and it is HILARIOUS and GENIUS! While I would rather Beckett and Saporta be together, I wouldn't kick either of them out of bed...I mean come on, would you?! His band, The Academy Is...while having the worst name is history, is actually really fucking good...I kid you now, so if you haven't already, LISTEN to them!
RANDOM FACT ABOUT WILLIAM BECKETT THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He gets very upset when his clothing shrinks in the wash...especially striped sweaters.

Number 7: William "Wilmo" Moseley - Actor
William Moseley caught my attention in the trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe...naturally, he managed to keep my attention for both the movie and the next one! The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I somehow fell for his AMAZING good idea how...though I can say that his ACCENT did not hurt him at all, nor those photos of him with no shirt on, ANYWAYS...that's not the point of this blog post...oh wait...yes it is. Other things that I have seen him in besides Narnia: NOTHING! because lets be honest, while he is attractive, his acting talent is...not all the way there...or really too much of the way there at all; unless he was supposed to be lusting after Caspian the whole time, then he hit the nail on the head.
RANDOM FACT ABOUT WILLIAM MOSELEY THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He WOULD kiss another guy in a movie for no extra pay as long as it was part of the plot - GO WILLIAM!

Number 6: John Robinson - Actor
John Robinson first caught my eye in The Lords Of Dogtown (he played Stacy may not recognize him without the ridiculously long hair.) He was cute, ripped, he could skate, act, and he and I were born in the same city, so BONUS points to him...and on that note, he actually managed to get me to see Transformers, which I not only had no interest in, but ended up HATING, because he was in it for all of...two seconds? Maybe three? anyways...Other things that I loved him in: ELEPHANT! That is one of the best movies EVER...also, I loved using his picture to represent Gavin Sway, one of my original characters in Break Me.

Number 5: Michael Guy "Chizz" Chislett - Guitarist for The Academy Is...
I started to notice Chizz when again, the person who tagged me to this, sent me a picture of him because we were writing a joint story and he was a character that I would need to know...I immediately fell in love with his sexiness, only later to find out, once I started watching TAITV that he is AUSTRALIAN and has an AUSTRALIAN accent! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Oh yeah...and he's a good guitarist. He is mildly shippable with William Beckett, but since I like Beckett/Saporta best, they can have each other and I'll take Chizz, sound like a plan? Ok, good.
RANDOM FACT THAT ABOUT MICHAEL GUY "CHIZZ" CHISLETT THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He eats vegemite because he loves that stuff...oh, and he won't break my heart because he's from Australia!

Number 4: Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Actor
Ha...Joseph Gordon-Levitt first caught my eye when I was six and I saw him in Angels in the Outfield...this made him my first EVER crush, congratulations, JGL. Obviously, he has come a LONG way since he played Roger, and he has now grown up, grown into an INCREDIBLE actor, and grown at LEAST 10 times hotter! Other that I have LOVED him in: Brick, The Juror, Manic, The Lookout, 3rd Rock From the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mysterious Skin, Latter fuck it, just go to IMDb and look at his profile because he is AMAZING in everything that he has EVER been in! He also has been known to sing every now and then...BONUS POINTS FOR THAT! And he can handle well both comedy and drama...though I like him better dramatically to be honest. Oh, and we Jews have to stick together!
RANDOM FACT ABOUT JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: If he were king of the Germans, he would do his German dance every day! He also HATES gratuitous sex scenes in movies...

Number 3: Jack Lawless - Drummer for The Jonas Brothers
Jack Lawless, Law Man, Flawless Lawless, whatever you choose to call him, caught my eye in a picture of the Jonas Brother's band...and one look was all it took to send me to another galaxy! HE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD my opinion...oh, and come on...Jack Lawless...tell me that's not one of the hottest names EVER! I think it is...anyways...after a little digging around I learned that he was shy, barely talkative, and that he and Greg "Garbo" "Garblogsky" Garbowsky (Bassist for JB) share an apartment, lots of info on this guy! Only not. Anyways, in all honesty, I don't know much about him, but I stick with these lovely words of advice when I think about him: Save a Drum, Bang a Drummer.
RANDOM FACT ABOUT JACK LAWLESS THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: After being bullied into it by Nick Jonas and the entire audience, Jack Lawless once told a joke at a concert.

Number 2: John Patrick Amedori - Actor/Singer?
I first saw John Patrick Amedori in Little Athens, which actually sucked phenomenally, but he was HOT! So naturally, being the obsessive fangirl that I am, I did a little research, and found a little bit more of his stuff. After realizing that he really has yet to be in anything great, I lessened my obsession to be mainly based on his looks, though I do enjoy the one song that he has recorded, Love Song, it's pretty and indie and thus, I like it. Other things that I have seen him in: The Butterfly Effect, Stick It! and one episode of Numb3rs...though apparently he's on some TV show right now that I have managed to miss so far...I have also used his visage as an Original Character; Walker; in my story Paper or Plastic...and will be using him again I think, as Shutruk Ryan.
RANDOM FACT ABOUT JOHN PATRICK AMEDORI THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He was in a short film involving incest, aptly titled Incest...that I will probably never manage to locate, directed by Luke Eberl, who had a lovely supporting role in one of my favorite movies: A Painted House.

Number 1: Paul Franklin Dano - Actor/Guitarist/Singer
You may know him as Dwayne (the brother) in Little Miss Sunshine or the freaky childpriest in There Will Be Blood, but I first became obsessed with Paul Dano in 2002 when The Emperor's Club was released! He played the nerdy yet endearing, adorable, and, in my opinion SEXY, Martin Blythe. Since then I have seen...EVERYTHING that he has been in minus a movie that was never released and a few episodes of the Sopranos. I also AVIDLY ADORE and follow his indie soft rock band, Mook, because they rock. I think that he is SEXY as well as having a unique voice and a lovable personality in interviews...oh yeah, and Mook responds to myspace messages! COOL! Other things that I have loved him in: The Girl Next Door, The King, L.I.E, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Too Young To Be A Dad (ok, that movie sucked, but he was AWESOME in it!) know what, I'm not listing everything. Just go look him up! He really is talented...
RANDOM FACT ABOUT PAUL FRANKLIN DANO THAT I JUST HAPPEN TO KNOW: He was not slated to play the role that he had in There Will Be Blood, but because Daniel Day-Lewis was SO intimidating, the actor originally cast in the role dropped out. Daniel Day-Lewis told them to cast Paul Dano because they had worked together before, as rivals no less, in The Ballad of Jack and Rose, and he knew that Paul Dano could take the heat...and he did!

Alright! That's done, and I'm tagging...xxfamouslastwordsxx, Tim, Tree, Puck and Mama Dear Mama, yes mother, I'm tagging YOU!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get Back, Joe Joe

Ok, so...I'm sure that you guys all remember how I said that I had those friends out from Scotland, J and T? Well, the other day we were hanging out at this fountain downtown with two of my gal friends...crap...also J and'll just call my gal friends Je and his homeless man came up to us, introduced himself as Joe and proceeded to shake all of our hands...and sit down with us. Normally I'm ok with this, because most of the homeless people around here are actually very friendly...however, this guy was CREEPY!

What he wanted were directions to McDonalds, so he asked, and Je told him...the conversation went a little something like this, though not verbatim.
Joe: *to T* Hey, where's McDonalds?
T: I dunno, I'm not from here.
Joe: *turns to J*
J: Also not from here...
Je: *gives directions to nearest McDonalds.*
Joe: Are you lying to me?
Joe: Two people have lied to me already about the location of McDonalds!
Me: Oh, no, she's not lying, I've been there before.
Joe: Ok, cause you don't want to know what I'll do if you're lying!
Everyone But Joe: *Way freaked out.*

Then, he addressed J, who was wearing a bandanna that gave him the appearance of...well a Backstreet Boy, go J! ANYWAYS, Joe tapped J's bandanna and here is more conversation, again, not verbatim:
Joe: *tapping J's bandanna* Do you have a spare one of those for me?
Joe: Where did you buy it?
J: Scotland.
Joe: Oh, where can I buy one around here?
J: Hey, Havah, do you know where you can buy bandanna's here?
Me: friggin clue...
Joe: I have to get me one of those!
J: Yeah...

So then we just kind of sat there in all of our awkwardness until Joe demanded that J go with him to McDonalds as his buddy...J said that he would walk to the end of the park with him, and he did. They stopped at the corner, and J kept trying to turn back, but Joe just kept chatting him up...including asking J if he wanted to go find some women, to which J cleverly replied "I've got my women back there, thanks..." Good one, J. ANYWAYS, eventually J managed to get away from Joe, and we all went to go get chinese food at this restaurant...Oh, and at some point while we were sitting with Joe, T told him to stay cool...bad idea, T...good thing he was sidetracked by J and the bandanna.

HOWEVER while we were waiting for our food to arrive, T looked out of the window of the restaurant (we were sitting near the window) and BAM, there was Joe...with a McDonald's bag. J freaked out and demanded that we all duck down so that he wouldn't see us...We all did, except for Je, who thought it was stupid; he couldn't get us in the restaurant...probably true...but J, who was quite scared, was fairly upset with her. Anyways, eventually Joe went away, and all was well.

All was well...until TONIGHT! It is J and T's last day visiting, and we went to this fairly nice restaurant downtown, fairly far from where the fountain/park was, and it was a LONG meal, so partway through J, T and I went out to get some fresh air, and we were just hanging about...and across the street, we see Joe, same camo pants, same rolled up sleeping bag...same Joe. J freaked out and T wasn't far behind, so we quickly re-entered the restaurant in hysterics, and the Joe saga ends here...for now...I will keep you posted on further Joe sightings!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This For That, and I Forgot The That...Part I

So some of you may know that I am about to finish posting Heartbreak and Tarot Cards on my fanfiction account. At the end of each chapter, I asked a random question. Now just recently, someone brought to my attention that while I asked them, I never answered a SINGLE one of those questions, so without further ado, I answer 74 of the most pointless questions ever asked!

SIDENOTE: I am NOT doing them all in one blog post, I will do one every...15 chapters I think? Maybe 20..depends really on how I'm feeling when posting! Oh, and some of them will have pictures to accompany them!

The Questions (with the according chapter title and number!):

Chapter One - In Which Kevin Eats The House
Q: Why Isn't There A Question On Chapter One?!
I have no fucking clue...I'm an imbecile? I guess there will only be 73 pointless questions!

Chapter Two - Nick is a Prick and Other Anecdotes
Q: Why Is There Still No Question You Idiot?!
I...still have no idea, NEXT!

Chapter Three - Bowling Pins With Nick's Face! YAY!
Because I just looked...and there is no question until...chapter six, so with my neighbor, I shall make up the next two questions!

Chapter Four - Do Not Forget Me, 24601!
Q: Do You Like Mayonnaise?
Why no, I do not...I actually kind of hate it...yeah...

Q: Why On Earth Do You Have Your Neighbor's Copy Of Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island?
I think I borrowed it while I was babysitting to take to the kid's house...I honestly have no fucking clue! Oh drat...she has decided that she wants it back! I guess there is no hope of taking it to college now! ANGST! I wanted to keep that sucker forever! FOILED AGAIN! AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO...IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU MEDDLING KIDS!

Chapter Six - PUS and Rebound Dating
Q: How Are You Guys Feeling About Nick?
Well I don't know about you, but at this point in the story, I was about ready to push him through a woodchipper...but that's a little too FARGO for me...sorry Peter Stormare, I will NOT follow you down that path!

Chapter Seven - Be An Animal, Give Up Jesus!
Q: Who Thinks Kevin Overreacted and Who Thinks Denise Did?
Oh my was DEFINITELY both of them!

Chapter Eight - I Wonder What You Do There In The Back
Q: Predict What Nick Is Doing While All Of This Is Going Down?
Well since I wrote it...I think predicting this would be a instead I shall tell a random fact - I very often fall asleep next or even hugging my huge thesaurus...which now has a name, rather un-originally, it hath been dubbed Roget. The story behind my thesaurus: When I had my Bat Mitzvah, one of my friends asked me what I wanted as a gift. I told that I wanted a GIGANTIC thesaurus...and she definitely came through for me...and now I have Roget, the love of my life!

Chapter Nine - The Fickle Joe and the Sleeping Sounds
Q: How Do You Think Nick Is Going To Handle This?
A: Ha! Not well...he's an altar boy!

Chapter Ten - Biblical Lessons: Jonas Style
Q: How Long Do You Think Joe Will Be Able To Keep It In His Pants?
That's a silly question! Until he changes in to his pajamas!

Chapter Eleven - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jovin
Q: What Do You Think Of Nick And Miley?
I think that I'm moving on to the next question...god, where the hell are the good questions?! What chapter did these question get more interesting?! Oh wait...I'm supposed to be answering question, not asking more! SHIT!

Chapter Twelve - Bible Thumping Teenagers
Q: What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Cookie?
Well I'm allergic to my favorite kind of cookie would be that without wheat!

Chapter Thirteen - Maitre de la Chambre Faux French
Q: Who Caught The Arrested Development References? There Were A Few In There...
Well obviously I did...because I wrote the this question hereby sucks and is me shamelessly promoting one of my favorite TV shows!

Chapter Thirteen - SOS Came On The Radio, We Got Distracted
Q: What is your favorite TV Show?
Alright, well technically I have not ONE, but TWO WHOLE FAVORITES! Arrested Development (See Question Above) and Third Rock From The Sun!

Chapter Fourteen - This Is Ourselves Under Pressure
Q: Are You Mad At Joe?
Yes! So mad that I think I shall walk over to his house and defenestrate him from the highest point of the house!

Chapter Fifteen - God Closes a Door and Opens a Window
Q: Who Likes Gossip Girl? Is It Worth a Shot?
I don't like it, but there is ONE good character, and he makes it worth watching, so I'm going to have to say yes, if only because Eric Van Der Woodsen (played by Connor Paolo) is basically the man and a half! HEE! He may not be in that many episodes, but it's worth it for the ones that he's in. The DILF isn't bad either though, just putting that out there...I did watch the entire first season on recommendation from my readers, and I MIGHT tune in to the second season if I see any potential plot with Eric going ANYWHERE good...poor kid, he's the only one who hasn't screwed up majorly...yet...

ALRIGHT! Congrats! You made it through part one...wait, did anyone actually read this? My sources say no...DAMN!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tom and Huck Down By The Schoolyard - Movie Review...Sort Of

What do you get when you take one of the worlds most beloved books and turn it in to a movie starring Jonathan Taylor-Thomas and Brad Renfro? PURE GENIUS with a side of a insanity and a touch of MUD MONKIES!

The 2005 film Tom and Huck takes the plot and characters of the book Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (or Samuel Clemens, if you will), throws Huck into the mix a little more, and makes it...TERRIFYING...and somehow kid friendly!

Yes, that's right, I am a fan of Tom and Huck...I mean who didn't grow up with this movie? Those of you who didn't, wow...I'm REALLY sorry. I mean from the opening of the movie where Tom Saywer (Jonathan Taylor-Thomas) sneaks to, following the plot of the book, be a pirate, you just know that it's only a matter of time before the movies becomes...amazing. Sure enough, Tom begins to drown, and who else should save him but his old friend Huck Finn! (the late, great Brad Renfro). From there on, it's just a whirlwind of adventure, knives, LEGAL mistakes, guns, buried treasure, and of course marbles...all of which they somehow managed to make kid appropriate - despite the scene where Brad Renfro is wearing nothing but mud and underwear.

This is a kid's movie...yeah...but it's also a teen movie, and still being a teen, for all I know it's an adult movie too! But if you haven't seen this, you definitely should...and if you have...WATCH IT AGAIN BECAUSE IT'S TOM and MOTHERFUCKING HUCK FINN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! THEY ARE YOUR AMERICAN CHILDHOOD! RESPECT THEM!...sorry...I get a little emotional about this movie.

OH! And I forgot to mention, they throw a VERY young Rachel Leigh Cook in to this movie as the sassy Becky Thatcher...and I have to say, other than the PSA (Public Service Announcement) that she did about heroin, this is probably her shining moment in cinema...I mean come on, what girl doesn't want to push Jonathan Taylor-Thomas off of a bridge only to PUNCH him out later!

This film comes complete with:
Mud monkies
A pipe
Hilarity involving stop and go laughter
FAKED death! (OH MY!)
Haha, just kidding about that last one.

You should enjoy this movie if you liked:
The books Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

I give this movie a rating of...
4 out of 5 stars
2 out of 5 potential lemons!

If I were a mother, this would be the FIRST movie I showed to my child once they were old enough...and now, for your viewing pleasure, a little fanvideo that my friend and I made! Thank you, Simon and Garfunkel!

A Tale Of Two Singers - The Beckett/Saporta Saga As Told By...Me

Alright, so the first time that I saw William Beckett and Gabe Saporta was a little over a month ago when a good friend of mine sent me the Bring It! (Snakes on a Plane) music video...I had no idea who those guys were, or even that they weren't in the same band, but my SLASHCENSOR went...BALLISTIC. I mean can I really be blamed? It was mild insanity...two gorgeous young men...and if you watch the video, it's is! I'm not making it least I don't think that I'm making it any rate, I emailed my friend and was like...DUDE! SLASH! and she was like Who? and I was like...uh...I do'nt know their names...crap...the guy with the amazing jeans and the dude with the scarf! And she told me not only that their names were William Beckett (amazing jeans) and Gabe Saporta (dude with scarf) but that they were singers in The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship respectively...and that they were slashed together naturally, I had to know more...

And that led to this: and this... and this... and this... and this... and this... and this... and finally this...

Wow, how many ways can you say GABILLIAM!: SCREW YOUR OTP! MINE DOESN'T NEED PHOTOSHOP BITCH! After reading in to it a fair but more, I learned that it is common for them to get drunk and get a little...touchy feely, hence the eating chocolate off of each other's bodies and making out...

This new obsession led to finding some videos...most of which were fan made wishes for the two to be together, but one that I found and another that the same friend sent be depicted Gabe kissing William on the cheek one TWO separate occasions at two separate concerts...can you say SHIP SHIP SHIP?! Because I sure can...

Oh...and did I mention the nicknames that they have for each other? Yeah...that's right, NICKNAMES! SHIP! Gabe calls William Bilvy and William calls Gabe slashy is that? Shut up! I know you have nick names for your friends...I do too, and I'm not in love with them...but, and call me sexist, fuck you, I think that's more of a girl thing, I mean I don't know any guys who have nicknames for their guy pals...yeah, that's what I thought.

In a final note, let me just say...GABE SAPORTA LOVES Slash fanfiction! I KID YOU NOT! In an interview with OUT magazine, he declared that he likes/supports slash fanfiction, and he thinks it's hot.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


HA! Well it sure does seem like magazines DO have it in for Disney stars!
I mean come on, first with the Vanity Fair/Miley Cyrus thing, and now...and now Rolling Stone? I mean have you SEEN the August cover? One look, and yeah, it looks like a normal Rolling Stone cover, but let's go a little more in depth, shall we?

Alright, first of all, leather it just me or do leather jackets sort of symbolize sex? mom says that's just me, apparently she has a leather jacket...awkward. ANYWAYS...I still think that they are a little bit of a sex symbol? Just a little? Tiny little bit? Ok, I need to get out more...

Next! At first glance, all is well, yes? It looks like Nick and Kevin have their arms on Joe's shoulders in a brotherly way, and Joe's pulling at his shirt, which, for anyone who knows ANYTHING about these boys, that's something that Joe would totally do...and I think has before; anyways, my point is when you look closer, the hand actually belongs to KEVIN! OH MY!

Ok, ignoring Joe's fuck-me-face and Kevin's I-need-you-now face, let's focus on Nick...and Joe. Aw, big bro is grabbing minifrobro's tie! That's...odd...and look! Nick's clutching on to Joe's arm, am I sensing a little...insecurity in the youngest Jonas? But...but I thought that HE was the confident one! OH NO! I FAIL! Or maybe they're just fucking...

Yet the headline is God! Girls! Guitars! Well great for the three G's...I mean really they should be Gay! G-String! Guitars! (yes, guitars gets to stay!) so Rolling Stone needs new headline writers...perhaps me? No fucking way. I will work for a magazine when pigs fly...which, with science, will still not happen in my lifetime.

Let me just ask why, despite the fact that Rolling Stone MUST have taken AT LEAST 100 other pictures, did they choose to put THIS ONE on the cover! It's too sexual for what MOST people's images of the boy band are...however for me and Jonascestors/Jonaslahers/Jonashippers like me, this cover is PURE Jovin with a dash of Joick and Holy Trinity...

So Rolling Stone, I salute you, thank you for the many fangirlish screams that I know were not just me! And may I just say, LONG LIVE THESE BOYS AND THEIR...actions.

Why DO I Write Slash Fanfiction?!

Alright, so recently someone posed the question: Why the hell do you write so much slash fanfiction?!

I sat there.
And I sat a little more.
And I opened my mouth.
And then I closed it again.
Why do I write slash fanfiction?!

Well let me say, I FOUND the answer...or should I say ANSWERS!
And here they are, in no particular order.

1. It's cheaper than Crack.
2. It's also cheaper than therapy!
3. Let's be honest ladies, it's hot as hell; maybe hotter!
4. Some of the couples are just SO shippable!
5. Everything in Heteromance has become a cliche! There is NOTHING left that hasn't been done before!
6. Girls annoying! I should know, I am one.
7. It makes people get all righteous defending god and then you can tell them that it's the same offense to eat shrimp and they get all ANGRY!
8. It's just plain fun...I'm sorry, but it is!

The Good, The Bad and the Scottish

TYPE OF ENTRY: random talk about my day!

Alright, so my day was...interesting, at least in my opinion! Though I can see how in yours, it might not be!

You see, last night I didn't get a lot of sleep, due to the fanfiction muse bug biting me RIGHT before I was about to when I woke up this morning, I, and it pretty much carried over the whole day.

For those of you who don't know, I have to Scottish friends staying with me right now, both of which happen to be teenage boys...and having gone to an all girl's school, this is new for me, more boys the girls! OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT WERE WE GOING TO DO? The answer: go to the store, by capguns, and stage a lovely version of the shoot out from The Good, The Bad and The of the only movies that I had never seen. However, being a fan of capguns, I was on board! We found the final showdown music online, I was armed with a video camera, and the boys (we'll say J and T just to give them SOME kind of name) prepped themselves with capguns in the models of Colt 45s! Good fun!


Needless to say, filming their MANY takes at a good shootout was loads of fun...especially when we all started laughing because during a cap reload, my GIGANTIC cat decided to sit down RIGHT in the middle of what we were using for our set.

I know that this isn't all that interesting, but I'm new to this blogging thing, with any luck, I'll get better at it!