Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why DO I Write Slash Fanfiction?!

Alright, so recently someone posed the question: Why the hell do you write so much slash fanfiction?!

I sat there.
And I sat a little more.
And I opened my mouth.
And then I closed it again.
Why do I write slash fanfiction?!

Well let me say, I FOUND the answer...or should I say ANSWERS!
And here they are, in no particular order.

1. It's cheaper than Crack.
2. It's also cheaper than therapy!
3. Let's be honest ladies, it's hot as hell; maybe hotter!
4. Some of the couples are just SO shippable!
5. Everything in Heteromance has become a cliche! There is NOTHING left that hasn't been done before!
6. Girls annoying! I should know, I am one.
7. It makes people get all righteous defending god and then you can tell them that it's the same offense to eat shrimp and they get all ANGRY!
8. It's just plain fun...I'm sorry, but it is!


Mystery in your Mirror said...

yeah, so true. I LOVE slash fics, there's always so sweet

Anonymous said...

True, true totally agree. Love slash fics-basically all i read. Like the blog!

russian and cute blader lover