Sunday, June 28, 2009

NEVER Eat a Jalapeno Pepper...

Tonight, I actually have something to write about.

I'm going to go in chronological order, so you should at least skip to the end if you're only going to read part of it, because while the first thing is probably funnier, the second part is cooler.

Alright, so first noteable thing that happened tonight, my friends and I went out to Ethiopian Food for dinner and my friend's little brother dared me to eat a jalapeno pepper. Now I don't know what it is about this kid, but he can get me to do stupid taser myself, which, yes, I have done. Anyways, I ate the pepper and while it is an experience that I believe everyone should have, it was PAINFUL!

I felt like my mouth was on fire, and that was just the throat burned, my chest burned, my stomach burned. My friends told me that face was turning bright red, my nose started to smart and run and my eyes began to water SO MUCH that I was full on crying. It was AMAZINGLY tongue felt numb, I STILL can't feel the roof of my mouth.

Anyways, now for the COOL part!

Tonight I went to go see Rent. It's the touring version with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, two members of the original cast. Anthony and Adam also both have some noteable film roles:

Adam Pascal has been in movies such as: SLC Punk (Handsome Eddie) and School of Rock (Theo)

Anthony Rapp has been in movies such as: Dazed & Confused (Tony) and Adventures in Babysitting (Daryl)

Aside from the show being ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, the woman who played Maureen was a TOTAL fox. I was staring at her the whole time...anyways, yeah. After the show, my friends and I went out to go see if we could get autographs, which I didn't really know you could do, Julia brought that to my attention. I got a picture with the woman who played Maureen, which was...AMAZING. If I were a guy, I TOTALLY would have had a boner, but I'm not a guy, so...I didn't.

And then Anthony Rapp came out. Which was actually not as cool as meeting the Maureen girl, because she was hotter than he was. At any rate, however, my day was made because he talked to me for about 2 seconds, AND he responded to my question about The Abraham Lincoln Dream (If you know what I mean, you're AMAZING.)

So I will go to bed tonight happy.

As lame and petty as it is, I love adding people to the list of celebrities I've met.

Currently my list:

David Crosby
Carole Kane
John Kerry
Sean Astin
Barack Obama
Gabe Saporta
Nate Novarro
Ryland Blackinton
Alex Suarez
Victoria Asher
Jack Barakat
Alex Gaskarth
Zack Merrick
Rian Dawson
Curtis Salgado
Art Alexakis
Greg Kinnear
Storm Large
Toby Hemingway
Lyle Lovett
Nate Flynn
Pat Brown
Kieran Smith
Christopher "Sick Boy" Lee ((NOT the famous actor))
Ben Peterson
Anthony Rapp

That may not be it...I'm tired. I love you all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just...Wow. Holy Fuck.

This video is the most EXCELLENT thing that I have recently viewed.
I have a strange new respect for William Beckett...AND Cobra Starship covered this song. SLASHY MUCH!?

"THREE TIMES A LADY" from William Beckett Jr. on Vimeo.