Friday, August 1, 2008

This For That, And I Forgot The That...Part II

Yes, you heard correctly! This is when I post the next 15 questions from the next 15 chapters of Heartbreak and Tarot Cards! OH MY GOODNESS! Haha, again, some of them will have pictures...I hope...Maybe...haha, we'll see I guess! Ok, but it seems that I messed up somewhere in the first part, and also there's an author's note as chapter 20, so this will start with chapter 17 and go to 35 I think, so actually, it's more than 14 questions...maybe, considering that, for some reason, some of these chapters don't have questions...which is a little odd, I must admit. Then again, I am odd, so that might be the reason for the randomness and weirdness!

Chapter 17 - Stop in the Name of Love Before I Break Your Arm
Q: If You Had A Sunbear For A Pet, What Would You Name It?
A: I would name it Jasper...yes, Jasper, after the character in Happy Campers, "Jasper was our sensitive counselor, seemingly shy, actually sly, a lot more than meets the eye." I mean come on, what else would anyone POSSIBLY want to name a sun bear? I think that a better question would be how would you go about acquiring a sun bear as a pet, because the answer to THAT would be valuable information! Why didn't the author ask that instead? Oh...because I am the author...and I didn't think about it until I was answering this question.

Chapter 18 - With A Little Help From My Friends
Q: Is The Canoe Wood or Aluminum?
Well it depends on what canoe we're talking about...if it's Joe and Kevin's canoe...wood. Definitely wood.

Chapter 19 - I Love You More Than I Hate Cheese Spray
Q: Have You Seen Ghost World?
HEE! YES! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!...and Brad Renfro, he really, truly is AMAZING, and I really miss him...even though I didn't know him personally...unfortunately.

Chapter 20 - Author's Note
Q: Is There A Question?
A: Why no, there's not.

Chapter 21 - Strip Yahtzee and Nick the Bumblebee!
Q: What's Coming Next?

Chapter 22 - Boys With Purity Rings Don't Buy Condoms
Q: Will They Go For It, Or Will Nick's Visual Turn Him Cold Fish?
Oh, fish! That reminds me of this boy I like who works in the seafood department at the - wait...back on task Havah...the question...hmm, I think that it will turn him into frozen tuna!

Chapter 23 - Cinematic Erotica and Belt Trauma
Q: Would You Ever Buy A Hat With A Fish On It (As In Like A Stuffed Animal Fish That's Really A Hat)?
Psht, what kind of question is that? Who in their right mind would buy a hat with a fish on it? I mean that's just absurd! I mean do they even make hats like that?! THEY DO?! That is just unbelievably stupid...oh wait...I"m being informed that I, in fact, purchased a hat with a fish on it...and what's this? I've actually been known to wear it?! REPEATEDLY?! Oh my...

Chapter 24 - The Great Juice Spill Excuse
Q: What Are Some Tragically Famous Couples?
Oh crap...well aside from the ones that I listed in the story...uh...I don't know! My brain is off, OFF I TELL YOU!

Chapter 25 - In Which Nick Panics, Like Me In Biology!
Q: I Give Up On The Questions, No One Answers Them Anyways
A: Well that didn't turn out to be true...

Chapter 26 - Danger, Sex Appeal, and Joe's a Badass!
Q: Who Is Excited For Prince Caspian, And Which Of The Guys (Caspian, Peter or Edmund) Do You Think Is The Sexiest?
Oh my goodness! It's all about King Peter the ABSOLUTELY magnificent! I mean come on...let's be honest, William Moseley (who plays Peter) is not a great actor, but he is HOT! AND he looks spiffy without his shirt on! (See my blog post The Name Of The Game Is I Like It Like That for more on William Moseley.) Skandar Keynes isn't bad either though...

Chapter 27 - In Which Miley Learns Of Love
Q: Which Would You Rather Read? Caspian/Peter or Peter/Edmund
In all honesty, moviewise, Peter/Caspian because they had SO much chemistry, but Peter/Edmund would be hotter.

Chapter 28 - So Different, So Similar? No Way!
Q: Has Anyone Seen Speed Racer? Is It Worth My Money?
Well I don't know about everyone else, but I have NOT yet seemed Speed Racer, so I guess that I deemed it was not worth my money...or maybe I just never got around to it, I don't remember!

Chapter 29 - If You Want Me, Take Me, DAMNIT!
Q: Have You Heard OF Or Heard The Band ANYTHING BUT JOEY?
Yes, I have...and I kind of really, REALLY love their music, especially their song Sight Reading...however they do seem to have some strange sunburn fetish, which is weird, but makes for good songs...about sunburns.

Chapter 30 - Nick Finally Becomes A Man, Sort Of
Q: What Is The Best Remedy For A Sore Throat?
In all honesty, I'm going to have to to choose the overly cliche tea with lemon and honey, while I may not like the taste of honey, especially in my tea, it will make those sore throats feel a little bit better! That or HALL'S Throat Drops...which most people don't like, but I can handle the taste for their help!

Chapter 31 - When Joe and Kevin Nearly Screw in the Loo
Q: Has Anyone Heard Of The Movie MEET BILL Starring Aaron Eckhart, Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Alba, Timothy Olyphant, Todd Louiso and Logan Lerman?
Hear of it? Why yes, I have! Hell, I've even seen it, and let me tell you, if you haven't, you most DEFINITELY should, it's one of the funniest movies that I've seen in a long time, and I LOVE to laugh...and you should too! I mean come on...who DOESN'T want to watch Aaron Eckhart pretending to be high? Or watch Timothy Olyphant get shot at by a deranged fan? Or watch Logan Lerman strip down to women's lingerie? Ok, I could have done JUST fine without the last one, but all that I have to say about this film is? APOLOGIZE! APOLOGIZE!

Chapter 32 - Caution: Hot Boys
Q: Do You Know The Muffin Man?
Why no, I do not!

Chapter 33 - Joe Crows and Nick Cries A Lot
Q: What Is Your Favorite Beverage?
It's all about the root beer, baby!

Chapter 34 - And The Melodramatic Return of Melodrama
Q: What Is Your Favorite Independent Film?
Oh god, I LOVE indie films...what is my favorite one?! Probably Mean Creek, I LOVE that movie and it's my 2nd favorite movie, so I guess yeah, that's gonna have to be it!

Chapter 35 - Third Time's The Charm...Or Not...
Q: Do You Think That My Friend Will Come Through And Save Joe's Life?
Well seeing as there are about...30 more chapters to this story, I'm going to go with yes, she probably did...or the next thirty chapters are Kevin angsting about his fallen love.


xxfamouslastwordsxx said...

so, in regards to number....32!
I have to say, that I do NOT know the Muffin Man, but I have, in fact, been to Drury Lane!!! haha, I just felt I should share that with you...
So, yea! It's really interesting reading these :) hehe

Katelyn said...

The only movie I've seen out of these is Sunshine. I have to say I loved this movie for the most part, but towards the end the burnt guy from the other ship kind of ruined it. He didn't really have a definet purpose in the story.