Friday, August 22, 2008

You've Got Everything Goin' For You So I'll Go For You With Everything I've Got!

Alright ladies and gentleman! THIS IS in fact, a PICSPAM post. I am SO sorry that it has taken me so long to update! Work got CRAZY and then packing for college...or more denying that I was going by NOT packing...and then actually packing...and then GOING and then UNPACKING (Which took about 1/3 of the packing time...funny how that works...) and now I'm here freaking out because I miss rain and good coffee, so this is my random picspam with random comments! All of these pictures were on my computer BEFORE today.

<--- RUBIK'S CUBE! Because let's be honest...we all LOVE to be confused by these fuckers! Or maybe that's just me...I MISS my Rubik's cube! why, WHY did I leave it back home?!

<--- CORSAGE THAT I MADE! Because yeah...I"m semi talented, it worked! I swear! I made it for my friend because no one had ever given her one before and being me, I wasn't going to buy it because then there was the possibility that someone else would have the EXACT same one...and I couldn't have that!

<--- LLAMAS IN A CAR! This has made the picspam because...oh...IT'S LLAMAS IN A CAR! HOW IS THAT NOT WORTH PUTTING IN A PICSPAM? It's like Snakes on a Plane...only Llamas in a Car...I've had it with these motherfucking Llamas in this motherfucking car!

<--- FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Ok, just because I seem to be the only person with a fire extinguisher obsession doesn't mean that I will hide it! FEOAP! Fire Extinguisher Obsessive and Proud!

<--- TOUR POSTER! Because it's BILL AND TED only with The Academy Is... and We the is that not basically the BEST concert tour poster in the history of the world, part one? That's right, IT IS!

<--- BABY WOMBAT IN A HAT! Because it's so fucking cute.

<--- PIGEON! I miss seeing pigeons everywhere...I actually took this picture! *gets excited* what's that? It sucks? ANGST FOR ME! Anyways, yes, piegeons should be EVERYWHERE, thus there is one on my blog now.

<--- THE BEAST! Just because he/she/it is THE BEAST and my friend made it and I kind of stole...well I mean she knows that I have it, so I guess that's ok, but anyways...the beast is just the beast...thus awesome. We actually used him as the example for Wild Beasts in a Seder a couple of years ago.

<--- EMO BOY! Because no picspam should be complete without the token emo child! So here he all of his emo glory...

Well this concludes round one of picspam (I will probably do these every so often with pictures of things I miss, am thinking about, maybe even more that I take! Who knows! oh, and the title of this blog is a line from After The Last Midtown Show by The Academy Is...


meredith said...

Sooooo You are pretty much amazing with your picture taking abilities (the pigeon) and I miss you dearly.

Anonymous said...

Haha oh Em!ly I <3 you! =D

who knew baby wombats were cute? or that llamas can fit in cars? I imagine the lack of rain and coffee is rather significantly unfortunate. I liked the token emo boy. and your pigeon picture is good. and way to be talented with the corsage. *stops commenting every detail*

loves & missyou katherine

LoveMuffin said...

yay! i love picspams :)

this one was exceptionally awesome