Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adventures In A Skate Park...

Today as a part of orientation, we did a service project with a group of people. My group went to go clean up a skate park...I thought it would be uninteresting, but worth it..I WAS SO was DEFINITELY interesting...well at least to me...

To start off, we got to the park and were like ok, so we're cleaning up a skate park, cool...They divided us up, and I was paired with this dude, we'll call him Mr. F ((kudos to anyone who gets the reference)) using GIANT garden sheers to clip back plants and trees. It was fun-ish and he and I got to talking and yada yada yada, and branches were falling on our heads and there were thorns and bugs everywhere, good fun, good fun.

Anyways, while we were working, we were clearing the plants that we had cut back out, and I managed to miss WHERE this happened, as I was throwing burr bushes in to a thicket, but Mr. F found a squeegee, a FUCKING SQUEEGEE in the WOODS by a SKATE PARK! I can say right now, that was kind of hilarious, it wasn't a small hand one either, it was one of the big long ones!

After the initial shock of squeegee discovery, we went back to normalness, and we ended up somehow on the subject of gay rights, and gay straight alliance clubs. Mr. F said that girls were WAY more accepted as bisexuals and lesbians than guys, and I agreed that this was true, but changing, and he was like nah, because girls have the advantage, I mean guys getting together doesn't turn girls on, and I'm standing there in my I <3 Slash Fiction shirt wondering WHAT PLANET IS THIS GUY FROM?! So then, to make things MORE awkward, I proceeded to inform him that I found it appealing...and after me defending it a little, we changed the subject to talk of shady deeds. Fun.

After the whole slash thing, we just kind of went back to work, and we were clearing out this thickety place, and BAM! BICYCLE! Yes, there was a beat up bicycle behind one of the bushes, so Mr. F decided to go get it. He did, and the thing was a defunct piece of SHIT! The back wheel was bent, the chain was off, and one of the handlebrakes was missing. Nonetheless, Mr. F decided to fix it up enough to ride it, so he got a mallet from the people fixing the picnic tables and got the wheel back in shape. Then he had ME put the chain back on because I was wearing gloves, so that was good fun...anyways, he managed to get it in to rideable shapes and I got attacked by burrs.



LoveMuffin said...

that was even more hilarious than whatever post made me laugh a whole bunch
i think it was the one about the Rolling Stones cover...but anyway
that was great :P

Anonymous said...

is Mr F in referrence to Arrested Development? if so, awesome!

Katherine said...

haha omg that is Amazing. =D

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