Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Poetic Masterpiece

This is easily the best poem I have ever written in my life.
My teacher wanted an 'animal' poem...and here goes!

My Grandmother's Farm

I stood on the third slat of the rickety, wooden fence.
Wide eyed, curious and confused,
I stared at the llama...
and it stared back.
It's head and feet were tiny
against the fur-fattened body, neck and legs
and it's eyes were glassy
like the marbles I always left around the house.
After a few minutes, I stuck my tongue out
hoping the funny looking animal would mimic
but it just looked at me the way my father does
when I accidentally-on-purpose drop my broccoli on the floor.
I grinned and reached my hand out
closing my grubby fist around some of the llama's matted fur
and without any warning
it spat in my face.


Anonymous said...

lmao!! that's funny. oh pouvre fille, the llama spit on you!

Anonymous said...

*likes* vair funny :D