Monday, July 6, 2009

Panic Breaks Up, Sort Of; Ron Weasley Has...Swine Flu?

Alright, so most of have heard, Panic at the Disco is...some weird combination of broken up and still together. Brendon and Spencer are still Panic, but it is now a band consisting of solely a drummer and a singer - I wish them the best of luck, just as I do Ryan and Jon on their special project consisting of a guitarist and a bassist...

During training at work, one of the counselors looked a lot like my neighbor, but about 10 years older. I went up to him and told him that I think my neighbor will look like him in 10 years. He said "Ha, lucky guy." Today, I learned from my neighbor that they look alike because...and I can't believe this actually happened, THEY'RE COUSINS! I thought it was hilarious, mostly because of the 'lucky guy' comment, you might not.

In other news, I heard today that the Red Headed Phenomenon (otherwise known was Rupert Grint) has SWINE FLU! OH MY GOD! *runs around in complete panic...but not at the disco.* Oh wait...he's recovering, THANK GOD! RON WEASLEY WILL LOVE! Not that I was concerned because A. I hate Harry Potter B. I don't watch the movies C. He's a wizard, so it's not like swine flu could get him anyways.
I will now copy and paste an IM conversation with a friend of mine showing just how OUT OF IT I am right now.

Monopolyfreak101 (17:08): apparently Rupert Grint has/had swine flu...
vkyerie (17:08): BAHAHAHA
Monopolyfreak101 (17:08): yeah
Monopolyfreak101 (17:08): ok
Monopolyfreak101 (17:08): good
Monopolyfreak101 (17:09): I'm not the only person who finds this funny.
vkyerie (17:09): HAHAHA
vkyerie (17:09): poor ginger
Monopolyfreak101 (17:13): ?
Monopolyfreak101 (17:13): oh
Monopolyfreak101 (17:13): ron
Monopolyfreak101 (17:13): haha
Monopolyfreak101 (17:13): wow
Monopolyfreak101 (17:13): I was like Ginger Spice?! WHAT!? DOES SHE HAVE SWINE FLU TOO?!

Work was a bitch and a half today - my neighbor, the one related to my coworker, said that if I wanted him to, he'd phone into work to lodge a complaint against the girl coworker I have who isn't doing their job. I asked him how, exactly, he planned to do this, and he said that would pose as the parent of 'Little Mordecai.' I informed that there were no children at my camp named Mordecai. Plan terminated, but I thought that his name choice was funny.

Well, love and other indoor sports,


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