Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Talk Embarassing Moments

Alright, so everyone's all broken up about Panic, well, breaking up, so I've decided that I will detail, in chronological order, three of the stupidest things that I've ever done...at least my favorite three. This was brought on by the reminder of the second event by an old friend.

1. When I was little - maybe six or seven, I used to answer the phone "hello, this is Emily, how may I help you?" This was because my parents had deemed it polite and all that jazz. At any rate, around the same time, during Final Four (NCAA) basketball season, I remember that clearly, the phone rang. My father was watching basketball and he could NOT be dragged from the scree, so I took the call, answering rather horribly with..."Hi, I'm my dad, how may I help you?" This was a COMPLETE accident, I swear to you, it was unintentional. Good fun that.

2. Sophomore year of high school, I was on the phone with my good friend Connie. We talked on the phone A LOT, maybe 2, 3 hours a night because we were on the same cell phone service, so it didn't cost either of us anything to talk to the other. Anyways, it was probably sometime between November and January and I was making hot chocolate while talking to her on the phone. I clearly wasn't focusing, because by the time I was ready to back upstairs, I realized that I had made two mugs - one for me and one for her.

3. Senior year of high school, my friends Jenna, Eleanor and I were partnered up in Biology for the fetal pig dissection. Being about as far from vegetarian as possible, I had no inhibitions about cutting up a still born pig - call me crazy. I was so excited, in fact, that while moving to make an incision, I bumped into the eyewash. The thing went fucking crazy - turned on, water EVERYWHERE, and since no one had ever had to use the eyewash, we managed to accidentally turn it up instead of off. We eventually got the teacher's attention by panicking and screaming.

That concludes today's portion of Em!ly is an Idiot.

Thank you for tuning in!

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