Monday, February 1, 2010

Intro to Poetry and Fiction 101

Yeah...more extended metaphor poetry.

Intro to Poetry and Fiction 101

I write the poetry
so that I can get to the fiction.
It's like having to eat the vegetables
to get to dessert.
With every bite of that overcooked
beatnik Brussels sprout
you are being watched just to make sure
that you don't hide the next one.

I take it because I have to, writing the
short lines,
the forced rhymes
because if I choke down enough,
that splendid, delicious
short fiction double layer cake
will be waiting for me.

With every spinach stanza

asparagus alliteration and eggplant
enjambment, I get one step closer to
the pecan prose pie
that I have been eying
since I first sat down.

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Anonymous said...

Ahahaa! I love itttt very witty *thumbs up*