Friday, February 12, 2010

Ten Things to Make You Feel Less Stressed

Here are ten things that should make you smile and/or feel good! They are not in any particular order, but they are designed to make people feel less stressed out!

1. All Alone - The Hippos (song)

2. Christopher Walken/Lady GaGa Poker Face Mash-up (half video, half song)

3. Low Day - Capra (song/music video)

4. Incredibly Failtastic Paper (webpage)

5. Kiss Pandas (picture)

6. Rambo Death Chart (webpage)

7. What Do You Want From Me? - Forever the Sickest Kids (song/music video)

8. Mal From 'Firefly' Meets Rick Castle (video)

9. Is There a Cave? (film clip)
[don't worry, it was just as random in context as it is out of context]

10. New Tenants (picture)