Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Things To Make You Less Stressed...Part II

Here are another ten things that I hope will make you feel less stressed!

1. Lobster Bucket - The Aquabats

2. Literal Music Video of David Hasselhoff...because who doesn't love to make fun of the Hoff?

3.Retards. We definitely all know them...maybe we even are one.

4. A Rant about Sofa Cushions! (Trust me, it's hilarious...)

5. Bad Joke with Bad Word Play!

There once was a king who lived in two-story grass hut. Every holiday the king demanded to be given a new throne as a gift. As soon as a new throne arrived, he would store the old throne on the second level of his hut and use the new one instead. But one day the hut collapsed from the weight of all the thrones, and everyone was crushed and killed.

The moral of this story? Those who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.

6. Hilarious Twilight Parody Trailer

7. Very Stoned Kitty

8. Teenage Boy Eating (and rating) Baby Food!

9. A Friend Like U - Geoff Moore & the Distance

10. Hilarious Ke$ha Parody Video

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