Friday, September 12, 2008

And I Thought The Gay Midget Named Carl Playing Tevia and Porgy Was Weird... things that I NEVER thought I would experience that I have experienced in the last few weeks! (Yes, I got my computer back last night, so here's a post! OH MY GOD!)

1. Someone set the frat house on, I'm NOT kidding...I found it absolutely hilarious, but only because no one was hurt, I mean come on...that's the kind of thing that happens in the MOVIES!

2. There was a methlab bust a block from campus...there were sirens and police...and it wasn't college students, which was good, but it was still really freaky to hear about! Even though I may or may not have slept through the whole thing...good times, and GREAT oldies! <--- that's the tagline from an old radio station, sorry for the obscure reference!

3. Zoning out in FYS due to a cold and STARING at Mr. F (from my previous post about cleaning a Skatepark) for 45 minutes...which was awkward, because he might have noticed, and the thing is, I'm not even in to him...

4. Meeting a committee of people who are actually PROTESTING the pot holes on a road being filled in, they claim that it is an IMPORTANT part of the campus...whatever they're smoking, I want some! (Just kidding...) I mean at their table they actually had like a work order petition so that the city wouldn't fill these things was CRAZY...and a little awesome, I DEFINITELY signed it...but only because of the picture they had of Jesus superimposed over a pothole!

5. Realizing that I could have a movie marathon (three movies) with movies that have porn as a catalyst, but are not actually porn films! (i.e. The Girl Next Door, The Amateurs, and Love Actually.)

6. Snakes on a Plane party...that was just made of win...epic win...we all watched the movie in the lounge and allowed ourselves to be scared and laugh and then watch the Cobra/Tai.../Gym Class/Sounds music video at the end...and then we had a dance party in the hallway, pics on facebook...not mine, my friends, I'm not cool enough to take pictures or videos of anything.

7. My best friend's little brother, who I have lovingly named TaserBoy IMing me when neither I, nor my best friend, gave him my IM address...that was awkward, but an interesting conversation!

8. Seeing Amish people in Wal*Mart...that seemed to kind of defeat the whole point, I mean isn't Wal*Mart kind of what the Amish are against? I'm totally against it too, I was only their because I'm a college student, I have no money and I needed laundry detergent...I swear, never again if I can help it!

9. I was asked by my history teacher, who full well knows I'm underage, if I was drank wine...that was awkward, because if I did, would I have told him? doubtful...but I don't really, only when my mom gives it to me, so we're cool.

10. I was given, by some club, an individually wrapped condom that has two fish on the wrapper and reads "One Great Catch..." I was walking down the rows of organizations tables, and here's what went down:
Club Dude:Hey! Want a free condom?
Me: Not really...thanks...
Club Dude: Come on!
Me: Not really into sex...thanks...
Club Dude: Hey, just take it! Better safe than pregnant!
So I took it. Awkward.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. Such amazingness. Protesting the filling of potholes, that is by far my favorite. Even beats the frat fire you slept through :p

loves you!

Anonymous said...

love the reference to the last five years.